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10 March 2013 @ 07:48 pm


uhh everything is locked pretty much. i add people back :)
harry potter | t | 9k | it's hbp au mostly with the main events happening as they do in the book but ginny having no romantic plot with harry. the timeline is a little messed up i think. i keep slipping bits of hero worship into everything i write involving harry, a reflection of my own feelings probably. hahaha it feels like i've been working on this forever. it's been a week i think. i am now parvati. parvati doesn't get enough mention in the book. i'm suddenly a stan for her. i don't own the characters or anything do with harry potter

Classmates' relatives are being brutally murdered and the most evil dark wizard of all time is on the rise but in secret corridors behind tapestries she never knew existed she has the boy who's destined to save them all's mouth on her neck and his hands on her thighs and it's tragic what's happening outside these walls, disgustingly evil, but she's sixteen and this boy is making her feel like nothing is wrong at all.

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a/n: i read these two books in the last two days, and, yeah, this is where my feelings lie. the next book isn't out until next autumn so maybe more badly put together mixes will be made and maybe i will post the sort of fic i started last night at half four in the morning. these songs, they're my interpretation of ronan. they're a bit more melancholy than i was aiming for, a lot on dreams and feeling broken.


oh, in the strangest dreams, walking by your side // a mix for ronan lynch, the greywaren [ listen ]

i. working man - imagine dragons  | ii. bones - ms mr | iii. don't lie - vampire weekend | iv. o children - nick cave and the bad seeds | v. counting stars/holy grail - little mix | vi. falling - haim | vii. sleepsong - bastille | viii. diane young - vampire weekend | ix.gods and monsters - lana del rey | x. youth - daughter | xi. radio - lana del rey | xii. when you were young - the killers | xiii. david - noah gundersen | xiv. you're not stubborn - two door cinema club | xv. breath of life - florence and the machine.

drunk and i am seeing stars | nico/percy | pg-15 | 1.1k | nico is drunk and percy is so pretty.

uh, i wrote this in about an hour. it's ridiculous and sort of self-indulgent and all over the place. nico's a little (okay a lot) out of character but i have this soft spot for him and i don't want him to be sad all the time, so. title is from lana del rey's video games. i don't own any of these characters. set some time after the last olympian.

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after all this time i'm still into you (i should be over all the butterflies) | nico di angelo/percy jackson | pg-15 | 5k | i've been wanting to write something for percy jackson for ages because i love these books so much and i love nico and percy and nicoandpercy and this was the result. warnings for run on sentences and gossip girl spoilers. i don't own percy jackson or any of the characters mentioned. set a few years after the last olympian. doesn't take into account heroes of olympus.

And Nico gets up because that's what he does, he runs when Percy calls, and he wanders over to Percy and wraps an arm round his waist and pushes his face into his neck because that's what they do. There's something masochistic about the whole situation but since when has anything ever not been with Nico. At least with this he gets that run of pleasure, that glimpse of what could be, when Percy rests his head on his for a moment, squeezing his waist before he pulls out a plate from the cupboard and dumps all of the chow mein onto it. (nico's in love with percy. he deals with it in his own way.)

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it was going to happen at some point, okay. earlier than i expected, i admit, but this is what happens when i spend an hour on trains every day. predictable boring cover!! i'm sorry!! predictable inclusion of lana del rey!! and i tried to avoid wrecking ball but it really is them isn't it, no avoidance possible. this started with some sort of structure and descended into sure, that fits. these boys. these awful stupid boys with feelings. what if ian doesn't come back. (what if ian doesn't come back)


mix: ian/mickey - mixed pov [listen]

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05 August 2013 @ 10:07 pm


songs that make you want to put on your red lipstick and stomp around your room and/or on hearts [listen]

something new - girls aloud // how ya doin' - little mix ft. missy elliott // bad girls - m.i.a // no scrubs (tlc cover) - karmin // king of the world - porcelain and the tramps // le disko - shiny toy guns // sleazy heart attack - demi lovato vs ke$ha // independent women - destiny's child // bubblegum bitch - marina and the diamonds // i love it (i don't care) - icona pop // who says - selena gomez and the scene // wings - little mix // i'm the best - nicki minaj // pretty girl rock - keri hilson // about a girl - sugababes // really don't care - demi lovato ft. cher lloyd


black heart

allison and derek's relationship from angry beginnings to tentative thoughts about not killing each other. [listen]

they get each other, is the thing. they have more differences than they can count but there are similarities under the surface that draw them closer than anyone else in the pack. there's a pull there that won't go away and allison's always been taught to face problems head on and so when she finds herself pressed against a wall with her legs wrapped around derek's waist, his hands on her hips and his mouth on her neck she chalks it up as an experiment. she rakes her nails down his arm, watches the skin flush red before it heals, and thinks of next time. [listen]

heartbeats (the knife cover) - ellie goulding // gods and monsters - lana del rey // turn me on - the fray // burning desire - lana del rey // young blood (the naked and famous cover) - birdy // the rat - the walkmen // delicate - damien rice // 12 fingers - young the giant // angels - the xx // burn - ellie goulding // bonus: post break-up sex - the vaccines // monster feat. rick ross, nicki minaj, jay-z + bon iver - kanye west

i ship these two a lot. i have a lot of thoughts and theories about them and i want them all to come true. apparently they have more scenes together in 3B so hallelujah and shit. i'm still hungover so i am not sure how well this flows, it probably doesn't flow at all. i forced monster in there because i felt it had to be there even though it doesn't fit and i am quite distraught that best song ever doesn't fit because i have listened to gabrielle aplin's version for a good part of today. someone please write more of this pairing, that is my intention with this.

23 June 2013 @ 08:01 pm
dance with me just for the hell of it | gen. harry/louis. it’s all strong friendship really | g | 1523 words | i’m living vicariously through louis, or harry. either is fine. um, this is au in that i mention school but i guess it could be not-au too. title is from chelsea dagger by the fratellis and where the inspiration came from i think. that, and the scene in the sound of music where liesl and friedrich dance in the garden. idk. | it’s sunny, harry is annoying, and louis hates how much he loves his best friend.

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all of my life, you've always been
ginny weasley/harry potter
978 words // pg-15
major character death mentioned, 2nd person pov
this was written in fifteen minutes and it's experimental and possibly pretentious and i think i have started another part of the verse

what if harry died to win the war?

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